All estimates are free. However we must have a copy of your stucco inspection report. Call us for details.

Limited Warranty

All work is warranted for 18 months on labor and materials.

The Limited Warranty is to be carried over to new owner if house is sold during the 18 month warranty time period which starts from the date that the job is completed.


We work with Realtors, Inspectors, Homeowners, Lawyers. We work with both the buying and the selling agents, and also with Termite control companies.

We Accept



Business License

Quality & Reliability

North Metro Stucco is here for the long run. We are your hometown provider for reliable, quality repair. For now and for the future.




North Metro Stucco

North Metro Stucco, Inc. is your service provider for E.I.F.S. and Hard Coat Systems stucco repair. We specialize in moisture intrusion repairs of the E.I.F.S. and Hard Coat Systems, perform caulk and sealant detail work, terminate E.I.F.S. and Hard Coat Stucco below grade, and install kick-out also known as diverter flashing.

Quality, Dependability, Integrity

North Metro Stucco is a local company with well over 30 years of experience in the field of stucco repair. We service the Atlanta metro region. The owners of North Metro Stucco guarantee that you will get the highest quality service available in the stucco service industry. For stucco repair work that is done with integrity, reliability, promptness and with attention to detail, look to North Metro Stucco.

Specializing in Stucco Repair for E.I.F.S. as well as Hard Coat Systems